Pure Vitamin C for your Skin

C - Booster is pure L- Ascorbic Acid

Topical C-Booster is the Secret to better, brighter younger looking Skin.Healthy Skin is beautiful Skin!

We all know the benefits of Vitamin C

Apply a fresh dose of Vitamin C to start the day & at night to help your Skin regenerate.

Has your Skin lost it�s elasticity?
Does your Skin show your age or signs of aging?
Do you have fine lines?
Do you want brighter, cleaner, younger looking skin?
Do you want to protect against free radical damage?
Do you want to retard the aging process?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you need C-Booster a topical
Vitamin C-Accelerator Powder to customize any of your favorite Skin Care Products, to instantly convert them into state-of-the-art Vitamin C Formula(s).

Topical C-Booster is pure L-Ascorbic Acid to give your skin an infusion of Vitamin C benefits.
Topical C-Booster is a topical convertible Vitamin C Powder Accelerator originally formulated for the medical market for the treatment of all skin types.

It is the first and only 100% potency, guaranteed stable, Vitamin C product and may be used to customize any Skin Care Product.

Science has demonstrated, that Vitamin C is the most effective anti-oxidant and common free radical fighter known.
Topical C-Booster will retard and possibly reverse the aging process by neutralizing the corrosive effects of free radical damage, which is the cause of 99% of all aging.
Anti-oxidants fight free radical damage.Use with Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Gel & Sun block.
Use it in combination with your favorite Serum, creating a powerful double duty Skincare Cocktail.

Mix fresh daily - 1 Scoop (Scoop is provided) of C-Booster into the palm of your hand and mix with a nickel to dime size amount of your favorite Skin Care Product in the Palm of your Hand and apply immediately to Face & Neck.
For best results, apply twice daily.

A little goes a long way

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