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If you have reached this Page without knowing anything about Homeopathy, this section will give you a short Introduction to this good and gentle Medicine. There is no way we can teach you everything about Homeopathy here, just as there is no way you could become a Body Builder or a Karate Expert, or World Champion Boxer by reading a few Paragraphs in a Book. But we will try to give you an understanding of the depth, beauty, and subtlety of this wonderful System of medicine, which is most fully realized in the hands of Medical Professionals who have, like Gold Medal Champions at the Olympics spent a lifetime learning their Art.

Homeopathy was discovered and developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, one of the great Geniuses in the History of Medicine. Dr. Hahnemann learned fourteen Languages in order to read every Medical Text available in Germany in the late 1700's. His discovery of the Fundamental Principles of Homeopathic Medicine occurred when he was in his forties in the 1790's. He continued to practice, write, and teach until his Death in 1843 at the age of 88 Years.

The Principles which Dr. Hahnemann discovered are still the basis of Homeopathic Medicine today. Over fifty thousand Doctors around the World use Homeopathic Medicines to treat their Patients effectively, relieving their suffering, and removing disabilities. The Fundamental Principles of Homeopathy are first, that in order to cure a Person's Symptoms, the Doctor should give a Medicine which will cause in healthy People the same set of Symptoms which the Patient is suffering from. This is called: the "Law of Similars". For example, to treat a Person who is unable to fall asleep because their Mind is racing and feel "wired" a Homeopath would prescribe a Homeopathic remedy made from Coffee. Coffee causes some people to have Insomnia characterized by a racing Mind and "wired" feeling. Therefore it is the correct Homeopathic prescription for the Person described. However, and HERE IS A MAJOR WARNING, Coffee will not treat all cases of Insomnia. MANY PEOPLE HAVE TRIED TO OVER-SIMPLIFY HOMEOPATHY AND HAVE ALWAYS FAILED! A good Homeopathic Doctor knows that there are over 100 Medicines to treat Insomnia. In fact, there are over 100 Homeopathic Medicines which will treat any Disease, but only one correct Medicine for each Patient.

Homeopaths are famous for treating Migraine Headaches. If you ask everyone with Migraines ten yes or no questions about their Symptoms, such as, does the Pain get worse from applying Pressure to the Head, you would need over one thousand Categories in which to place all the possible combinations of Answers. Then, in order to treat every possible Patient, you would need to search for Substances which produce in healthy People all of those various Combinations of Symptoms.

In theory, you would need over one thousand Homeopathic Medicines to treat all these Patients! This is the first Principle of Homeopathy, you must treat the sick Patient with a Medicine that will cause the same Symptoms in healthy People as the Symptoms the sick Person is suffering from.

Many Homeopathic Doctors spend one to two hours talking with Patients on their first visit to discover the exact Symptoms of the Patient. It takes many Years of study to gain the Skill and knowledge necessary to treat Patients with serious Illness successfully. Of course, Homeopathic Doctors take into account the same diagnostic considerations which non-Homeopathic Doctors use, such as Laboratory tests. However the Homeopathic Doctor will usually prescribe a gentle, 'non-toxic' Homeopathic Medicine rather than a Drug to treat the Patient.

Homeopathic Medicines are prepared by special Homeopathic Laboratories and Pharmacies which are inspected and licensed by the FDA. In addition to the FDA's requirements, Homeopathic Manufacturers must also meet the strict controls of the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopeia which is defined by US law as the official manual setting the Standards for the Production of Homeopathic Medicines. Because Homeopathic Medicines are so safe, the FDA regulates almost all of them as OTC, or Over-the-Counter Medicines, as opposed to Prescription only Medicines.Hahnemann Inc.

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