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Mineral Masque...

"If you think skin care can't make a difference in your life, think again."

Masques have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh the skin. Cleopatra used Clay from the River Nile and the Arabian Desert over 1800 Years ago as part of her Beauty Ritual. Clay Mask's are on of Hollywood's best kept Beauty Secrets.

German and Roman Spas have been using Clay/Mud Packs and Treatments in the Spas they've built 4000 years ago.Many of these Spas still exist and use Clay even today. As a simple, natural deep pore cleanser, our Mineral Masque is all natural and will improve your skin remarkably.Mask(s) Masque(s) will purify and clear your complexion. The revitalizing results will amaze and delight you.

Masques are 'Extraordinary allies' in the process of cleansing the Face, Masques "draw out" impurities like blotting paper: they free the skin from all residues and remove the dead cells and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and of a "new skin". Applying a Masque regularly once a week or twice (better still 3 times) is essential for maintaining a glowing complexion and restoring a finer and smoother tone to the skin.

When Facial Clay is applied to the Skin it forms a negative Charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the Epidermis have a positive Charge. Mineral Masque lifts the Pimples and Blackheads into the Clay-bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the Skin with over 50 Minerals. 100% natural.

Facial masques are beneficial for removing dead skin, unclogging pores and helping prevent premature lines and wrinkles. Applying a facial Mask once a week can dramatically improve your skin's overall health.
Whether your skin is dry or oily, Mineral Masque even balances your skin.

As the Masque Mask dries, there is 'massaging - pulsating' effect which stimulates the blood flow and lets your skin temperature rise, helping to promote an increase in nutritional content you can adjust the Masque to the condition of your skin by adding ingredients.


Masques/Mask's remove Poisons and Toxins embedded in the Epidermis the result is clean and healthy Skin.

How Masques work...

WARNING! A slight redness may appear after removing the Masque. This is normal and will disappear in approximately 30 minutes. However, if a rash appears, discontinue the treatments.

All about SKIN/ACNE (Tutorials)

The Basic Facial Masque:

Easy to prepare, effective, and wonderfully relaxing! For preparation, you'll need:
1. a non-metallic bowl (glass is best)
2. a non-metallic spoon (wood is fine)
3. distilled water, spring water, or floral/rose water (this is best)
4. desired clay - superfine (like ours) is best
5. Essential Oils (100% pure*), fruit juice, etc. (optional)
*Please buy only the best Quality of Essential Oil's. You can test for 'purity' of Essential Oils: very simply place 1 drop on to a white Paper Towel or Hankerchief. The Oil should completely evaporate in a few minutes. If there is any Oil stain residue left after 5-10 minutes, it is not pure and you'll know it contains a Carrier-Oil.

1. Sprinkle equal amounts of Masque into distilled water (or other liquid) in a Glass or Porcelain Bowl
adding the Masque Powder to the water makes your mixing process easy.
2. Mix until a soft paste is obtained
3. Let stand for several minutes so that the clay absorbs all the water
4. Add any other desired ingredients (depending on your skin type) like, essential oils, etc.
5. If the preparation is too liquid, add more clay - if too solid, add more water
6. Apply to the skin, covering the entire Face and Neck except for the Eyes and Mouth area
7. Soak a cotton pad in water with 1-2 drops of German (blue) chamomile, or place a thick cucumber slice over each eyelid
8. Lie back and relax with feet elevated on a soft pillow (or place the pillow under your knees).
9. Allow 15-30 minutes for the clay to completely dry (as long as the clay is wet, it is still working).
10. Rinse with warm water and pat dry
11. Follow with a spray of floral water or your favorite Skin Toner. Always finish with a good Moisturizer or Creme.

Original Mineral Masque Recipe

Mix 2 teaspoons of Mineral Masque powder with equal amounts of water (you can substitute some of the water with Apple Cider Vinegar).
Mix in a small container (Glass or Porcelain).
Mix very well the consistency of Toothpaste.

**Apply to face and throat avoiding eye area.Let dry completely, usually 15 to 30 minutes You will feel a pulling, tightening sensation as the Masque is pulling out dirt and impurities. Wash off completely with warm water, follow with a mild Soap, then rinse with cold water. A slight redness is normal and will disappear in approximately 30 minutes. Apply a good moisturizer, better yet your most your most luxurious Cr�. *Distilled water or raw Apple Cider Vinegar are best.

You will get the most even application, by using either a Fan Brush, or an inexpensive flat Paint Brush, but your Fingers will do. Relax, lay back put your feet up and enjoy...

Chocolate "Face Lift" Masque

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of �Mineral Masque� powder and
1 teaspoon of Cocoa Powder (Hershey's) with equal amounts of water.
Mix in a small container (Glass or Porcelain). Mix very well the consistency of Toothpaste.
**Apply as above
Cocoa Powder is loaded with Copper an essential nutrient for the connective Tissues, that makes Skin firm and youthful looking says Health Expert Marian Eure.

Masque for Sensitive Skin

Mix together until smooth
2 teaspoons of �Mineral Masque� powder,
2 teaspoons of distilled water,
1/2 teaspoon Kukui Nut Oil and
2-3 drops of *Lavender oil.
Add additional clay in very small amounts until paste is proper consistency to spread well.
Apply to face and throat. Let dry 15-30 minutes.
Rinse with warm water, always follow with cold water rinse.

Refreshing Masque

Mix together:
2-teaspoons of �Mineral Masque� powder,
2-teaspoons of distilled water,
1 teaspoon of fresh Lemon Juice
Add 2-3 drops of *Peppermint oil if desired. Apply to skin and let dry 15-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water, always follow with cold water rinse.

Antioxidant Masque

2 teaspoons �Mineral Masque� powder
2 teaspoons of brewed GREEN TEA
500 mg Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (open a Capsule)
Mix very well, apply to Skin let dry then rinse with warm water and follow with a cold Rinse.

Masque for Problem Skin

Mix equal parts �Mineral Masque� powder with raw apple cider vinegar
add 5 drops of *Tea Tree Oil.
Apply to skin and allow to dry 20 to 30 minutes, rinse skin well with warm water, then apply *Tea Tree Oil directly to blemish.

Relaxing Masque

2 teaspoons "Mineral Masque" powder with equal amounts distilled Water and Cider Vinegar
Add 3-5 drops of your favorite Aromatherapy oil.
Apply mixture to face, allow to dry while relaxing in tub for minimum of 10 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.
*Essential oil suggestions: Geranium, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Mandarin.
* Please use only 100% pure Essential Oils.

Honey Masque

Mix equal parts �Mineral Masque� powder and vinegar/water.
Add 1 teaspoon raw Honey. Apply to face avoiding eye area.
Allow to dry 10-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water, allways follow with cold rinse.

Masque Scrub

Mix together:
2-teaspoons of �Mineral Masque� powder,
2-teaspoons of distilled water,
2-teaspoons of uncooked Oatmeal
1-teaspoon of good Quality Sea Salt it contains many Minerals You can substitute Cider Vinegar for some or all the water (add more Liquid if needed)
Apply to face and let dry.
(I do the following in the Shower)Rub off Face using circular motion, rinse of residue with warm water, allways follow with cold rinse.

Your Skin Will Glow...

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