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WHAT IS LIPO SPRAY? Tablets, liquid, two-piece gelatin capsules and soft-gelatin capsules are all designed to be absorbed through the digestive tract. Revolutionary LipoSpray technology offers a unique alternative to conventional administration of nutritional supplements-simply, conveniently and effectively eliminating the need for pills, tablets, and liquids, while providing improved results for consumer. With LipoSpray, the liposomal suspension is sprayed into the mouth and under the tongue. The liposomes penetrate the mucosal tissue of the mouth, and the nutrients are released from the liposome into the bloodstream, thus distributing the nutrients throughout the body in minutes. This path bypasses the digestive system. Conventional pills, tablets and liquids must travel through the digestive system in order to deliver active ingredients to the body.

Many nutrients are destroyed by stomach acids and conditions in the stomach. After passing through the stomach. The nutrients are metabolized in the liver before reaching the bloodstream. In contrast with conventional oral supplementation, LipoSpray supplements are more effective passing transmucosally directly into the bloodstream. The diagram shows that the liposome bypasses the digestive system. The liposomes penetrate the mucosal tissue of the mouth, and the nutrients are released from the liposome into the bloodstream.The results show that LipoSpray provides a faster onset of activity by approximately 30 minutes and provides 100% greater bioavailability.


LipoCeuticals are liposomes in a multiphase system that contain an active ingredient in each phase. The ability to encapsulate a variety of lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients peptides and proteins will give you the advantage needed to enhance delivery and improve product performance.

  • LipoCeuticals vs. Free Actives Your topical products benefit by utilizing liposomes when compared to "free actives" incorporated into conventional vehicles ( ointments, cream, gel and lotions ).
  • Advantages of LipoCeuticals oHigh-encapsalation rate to improve your product's effectiveness. oPatent protection to maintain your product's position. oLonger-acting multilamellar liposomes for prolonged drug activity. oMultiphase formalation for increased biological activity.
  • Examples of LipoCeutical Preparations oSkincare Products: Moisturizers, Cleansers, Shampoos, Day Creams, Eye Gels, Anti-aging Creams, Hand and Body Lotions, Sunscreens, Sunless Tanning Lotions.
  • Prescription and Nonprescription Drug: Corticosteroids, Retinoids, Topical Antihistamines, Topical Anesthetics, Psoriatic Drugs, Antifungals, Antibiotics.


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