Chi is the missing Link ...

Chi is universal life energy...

This universal life energy--called qi (or chi) in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India--circulates throughout the body and in an energy field surrounding the body.

"Throughout history, many cultures have believed in the existence of some sort of energy that permeates all living organisms, including human beings. This universal life energy--called qi (or chi) in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India--circulates through out the body and in an energy field surrounding the body. Health, according to this model, is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow (due to unhealthy habits or emotions, for example) may result in illness�" ---Andrew Weil, MD

"There are numberless energy rays in the Universe�All rays � come from the subtle nature of the Universe�The interwoven energy net influences the lives of individual human beings, whole societies and entire races�A virtuous individual who responds to the high, pure, harmonious subtle energy rays and integrates them with the positive elements of his own inner being may strengthen his life, enhance his health and power, and lengthen his years. " ---Lao Tzu, Hua Hu

Ching, 500 B.C.

  • Ancient science and medicine had detailed knowledge about energy flow and energy centers in the body. All ancient cultures had their own name for this energy. The Chinese called it "chi", the Japanese called it "ki"; the Indians called it "prana".
  • All the traditional Eastern methods, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, are examples of using Chi for the maintenance of human well being.
  • Practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine use acupuncture to influence the balance and flow of energy in the human body. This practice has unequivocally demonstrated that subtle energy plays the role of "energetic software" for the processes in our body on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. That is why the knowledge of how to regulate the flow of subtle energy in the body can be used for the maintenance of good health as well as for helping to overcome dysfunction on any of these levels.
  • The primary purpose of these methods is the prevention of disease through a system of balancing the energy flow in the body. A balanced energy system is the best defense against disease.
  • A balanced energy system creates harmony in the dynamic interactions of all organs of the body


  • In modern life many outside influences push us out of balance: chronic stress, environmental pollution, lack of nutrients in the food, emotional pressures, etc. All these things can cause disharmony in our energy system, and as a result, leave the body energetically depleted and thus vulnerable to disease.
  • The usual reaction of the human body to stress is, at first, agitation and over-activity of all systems. Chronic stress causes exhaustion and depletion of the entire system, leading to the degeneration of all functions right down to the cellular level.
  • Chronic STRESS = Chronic DISEASE

  • Depletion and dis-balance of the "energetic software" of the body diminishes the effectiveness of any treatment, no matter how good the remedies and methods used.
  • We need tools in these modern times to help us restore and maintain the flow and balance of subtle energy in our bodies.
  • With his innovative breakthrough technology Dr. Yury Kronn has created Energy Tools for this purpose. He has invented a tunable subtle energy generator that works on the same energetic principle as acupuncture. This breakthrough technology makes subtle energy available to everyone by making it an ingredient that can be added to almost any product as well as infused into a wide variety of substances. Basic Principles of Vital Force Technology
  • The building blocks of everything in the physical Universe are only three stable particles: the proton, the neutron and the electron. They comprise all the substances of the physical world, including those of which human beings are made. Modern science discovered that these three particles are made up of so-called subatomic particles: quarks, neutrinos, etc.
  • Sub-atomic particles don't interact with the physical world directly, revealing themselves only in nuclear reactions.
  • On the other hand, science knows that 90% of the Universe is comprised of invisible substance which they call "dark matter", discovered via astrophysical measurements. Dark matter is invisible to modern scientific equipment because electromagnetic energy does not interact with it.

    "Dark Matter is strange stuff. It's all around you but you can't see it. It's whistling by your ears but you can't hear it. It is arguably the most important material in the Universe, but until recently scientists had no idea that it existed. It will decide the fate of the Universe but we have no idea what it is. How can scientists, after so many centuries, still know so little about the workings of the cosmos?" ---James Trefil, Smithsonian, "Dark Matter" p. 27, June 1993

  • "Science doesn't realize yet that in fact the 'substance' of the subatomic world and dark matter are the same. The subatomic world has it's own energy, subtle energy, different in nature than electromagnetic energy, which is the basic energy of the physical world. Of course, it is only a hypothesis, but if this hypothesis is not correct, then my equipment would not work,"
  • says Dr. Kronn.

  • As electromagnetic energy does not interact with dark matter (subatomic substance), so subtle energy does not interact directly with physical matter. That is why science cannot detect it directly.
  • Subtle energy has an influence on physical matter through the dynamic process of creation of the basic particles of physical matter. In other words, influencing subatomic particles during that process, subtle energy can affect the properties of the resulting physical substances.
  • With his invention Dr. Kronn has created an "indirect" technological interface between physical matter and the subatomic world of subtle energy.
  • Despite the fact that science can't measure subtle energy, it is the force which influences the processes of the body on all levels: mental, psychological, and physiological. This takes place through a complex system of energy centers and channels (acupuncture meridians) delivering energy to the organs of the body.

  • Dr. Kronn found a way not only to generate subtle energy, but also developed a "language" for creating specific energy patterns for the "energetic software" of the body. These patterns can be imprinted into many substances: liquid minerals, water, powders, and other compounds capable of storing information. In other words, subtle energy can now be captured, recorded, stored, amplified and transmitted.

    Applications of the Technology

  • Now, for the first time ever, it is possible to add a Subtle Energy Formula to an existing product, enriching its properties or adding new ones. Custom formulations can be designed to enhance the properties of almost any product. Specific patterns of energy help restore balance and harmony in the human energy system.
  • For instance, trace minerals infused with a specific energy pattern work on stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness, emotional and physical tension, and anger. This pattern helps adjust emotions to a balanced level, helps to remove blockages from the liver meridian, and improve the sleep process. Trace minerals infused with a different energy pattern strengthen the immune system by supporting glands involved in immune response. There is also an energy pattern that influences the Thymus gland energetically. A healthy thymus is an important part of the immune defense mechanism and is an indication of longevity.
  • On the other hand, trace minerals infused with another energy pattern support the heart, small intestine and the meridians of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. This pattern has a slow warming effect like a glowing ember and fights with "dampness" in the body, one of the main results of modern lifestyles. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, "dampness" is a major cause of many degenerative conditions, such as disruption of the metabolism, diabetes, immune deficiency, and the premature degeneration and aging of tissues.

  • Another example of how subtle energy can enrich the properties of a product is a topical cream infused with energy patterns. The skin is the largest organ of the body, responsible for many important functions like absorption, respiration, and elimination. All the acupuncture meridians are connected to the skin. Creams have been infused with energy patterns designed to regulate and balance the energy of this organ, especially when it is damaged. Some patterns are particularly beneficial for soft tissue damage where they go to work to re-establish the energy flow, essential for the regeneration of damaged tissues. Cream infused with this energy pattern relieves the pain caused by trauma amazingly fast.

  • These examples illustrate just a few of the possible applications for subtle energy patterns relative to the processes of the body. Since subtle energy influences all functions of life, it is only a matter of time before we understand more about how energy patterns can be used to help us solve many of the problems we face both individually and as a global community.
  • (For the purposes of this article the words "subtle energy" and "chi" are used interchangeably.)

    HISTORY of Research and TechnologyIn 1976, parallel to his impressive academic career, Dr. Yury Kronn began intensive research on the subtle energy phenomena. This research continued until he left Russia in 1988. He was involved with two separate groups of scientists working with several gifted subjects who were naturally adept at sensing the changes. The abilities of these gifted adepts were challenged using all the conventional scientific equipment and criteria. They could find no explanation for these phenomena within the parameters of "known" science.

    His research led him as well into a very profound study of the ancient esoteric sciences and traditions, the theories of traditional Chinese medicine and other systems and methods. He realized that the world of subatomic particles is the same realm that esoteric science called the "etheric world".

    The fact that the energy of the subatomic or etheric world does not interact directly with the particles of the physical world prevents science from measuring it and therefore accepting its existence and significance. Nevertheless, more complex interactions between the vibrations of the physical and etheric worlds do exist and have been registered by various experimenters in the last century as changes in the properties of physical matter under the influence of subtle energy devices.

    While all this is the subject of modern physics and of the interface between physics and the ancient traditions, Dr. Kronn was able to make an intuitive leap in his understanding of the dynamics of the connection between physical and etheric structures. Utilizing this discovery about the connection between electromagnetic energy and the energy of the subtle world he found a way to generate subtle energy.

    In the course of his research Dr. Kronn had made other important discoveries that further clarified the relationship between the physical and subtle worlds. These were to prove essential in the development of subtle energy patterns. Dr. Kronn realized that for everything in the universe there is a corresponding pattern of subtle energy. For example, there is an energy pattern that corresponds to each of the elements of the periodic table.

    He also found that the properties of subtle energy patterns (or Chi) could be described using the "Five Element Theory" which, in traditional Chinese medicine, defines the laws of the interaction between chi and the human physical structure. Bringing together these two fields of knowledge he was able to formulate energy patterns that would address specific applications. In other words, he was able to create subtle energy patterns that work in the human body based on the principles of acupuncture and the ancient understanding of the properties of Chi.

    The next step was to design equipment for imprinting these patterns into various substances. He made the first imprinting device in 1993 and has been working steadily since then on refining the technology. Dr. Kronn has used this equipment to infuse energy patterns into a wide variety of substances and has been experimenting with different applications of diverse patterns. The potential range of applications for this unique technology invented by Dr. Kronn is almost unlimited and has just begun to be explored.


    Acupuncture Meridian According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians are part of the complex network through which energy flows in the human body. The meridians and their power points are the basis of acupuncture healing techniques. They can be used directly to influence the balance and flow of vital human energies

    Ancients Philosophical and scientific thinkers of the following traditions: The Tao, Yoga, Tantra, Sanskrit Texts, Plato, and others.

    "Esoteric Sciences and Mystical Traditions" The Tao, Yoga, Tantra, Sanskrit Texts, Plato, Theosophy, and others.

    Aura, A luminous Radiation which emanates from all living Matter and can be seen by some sensitive People with extrasensory abilities.

    Chakras (Sanskrit) The Chakras are Spinning Wheel-like Energy Centers in the subtle Body for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life Energies. The spinning of the Chakras generates an auric Field around the Body.

    Chi (Also known as Prana, Qi or Ki) The Name given to the Energy, essential to Life. According to both Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine good Health is dependent on the unimpeded flow of Chi in the Energy System of the body.

    Dark Matter The name given by modern Astrophysics to the as yet unidentified Substance which makes up 90% of the Mass of the Universe. This Substance does not interact with ordinary Matter and therefore cannot yet be measured directly.

    Etheric World The World of Subatomic Matter that is the Origin of the 3 Particles, the Proton, Neutron and Electron which are the Building Blocks of everything in the Physical Universe.

    Five Element Theory This is the name given by the Ancient Chinese to their theory of the Five "Elemental Energies" of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These Five Energies represent all the Phenomena of Nature as they are expressed in the Cyclic Changes. As explained in an Ancient Chinese text: The Five Elemental Energies combine and recombine in innumerable ways. All things contain all Five Elemental Energies in various proportions.

    Homeopathic A System of Medicine based on the Principle of "like cures like" whose Remedies are generally dilutions of Natural Substances from Plants, Minerals, and Animals. It is based on the premise that "the same Substance that in large Doses produces the Symptoms of an Illness, in very minute Doses cures it." The remedies, tailored to the specific Physical, Mental and Emotional Profile of the Individual, stimulate the Body's natural Healing response.

    Indian Ayurvedic Medicine This is a System of Medicine that combines Natural Therapies with a Holistic and individual approach to Preventative Medicine and the Treatment of Disease. Ayurvedic Medicine places equal emphasis on body, Mind and Spirit and strives to restore the internal Balances within the Body.

    Magic Bullet A remedy for all Diseases or Ills; a Cure allNeutrinos, Quarks Part of the large array of Subatomic Particles

    Prana The Indian Name for Chi. See definition for Chi.

    Subtle Body Sometimes called the Etheric Body, the subtle Body, which is made of finer grades of Physical Matter than the Physical Body, interpenetrates the dense Physical Body. It receives and distributes Vital Energy, Chi, and acts as the "Software" for the Physical Body.

    Subtle Energy the Energy of the"Life Force"; the same as Chi.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine It is a Philosophy of healing and Preventative Health Practices based on the "Principle of Yin and Yang" wherein opposite forces and Phenomena are viewed as complementary and actively interdependent aspects of the same basic Polarity that is evident throughout the Universe. It is a Holistic approach to Health that combines the use of Medicinal Herbs, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Massage and Therapeutic Exercise.

    Vital Energy the same as Chi, Prana and subtle Energy.

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